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Because groups get bigger I claim their collective intelligence reduces. Nothing could be a truer sort of this than one of the biggest groups in America, the United States Association of Retired People. Often affectionately known as the AARP I prefer to call all of them the Anti-American Retired Individuals because I believe in truth within advertising.

Because we produced that cardinal blunder away from racial blindness when production jobs disappeared, we dropped the moral courage in order to actually oppose white training collar job outsourcing decades afterward.

Don’t just take a person’s company card and stuff this in your pocket. (Westerners are so doing shoving business cards over the conference table like Frisbees. ) Receive each company card formally with 2 hands and study this with interest. This is an indication of respect.

Argentina – Well here are a few real economic geniuses. Keep in mind their currency crash a couple of years ago from which they are nevertheless recovering. They have their individuals file every page of each monthly bank statement of each bank account they have anywhere in the world using their annual tax return. This particular actually sounds like an excellent choice intended for setting economic policy. People who cannot do, administrate. Excellent place to visit, friendly individuals, good food, beautiful nation. This is a shot at their own government only.

If you are contacted by young women wanting to “practice English, ” beware. These are probably associated with the London socialist historians group plus gathering information about you, or even will take you to a restaurant intended for tea where they obtain a commission.

Though in fact, the government provides itself cut 20, 500 jobs last month. From December’s employment pace, it will require until 2016 to make on with the jobs lost and lastly establish a balance in the marketplace. Currently, 6. 76 million People in America have stopped looking for function and in a recent survey state, they will not look at the center of next year. With all those not receiving unemployment and the ones who have forgone the application thereof altogether our real nationwide unemployment figure is nearer to 10. 8% as opposed to the superstar of 9. 4%. Although the recovery in the US will be quicker than 2016, I foresee tolerable levels of employment right at the end of 2012. However, we all expect a 5. 8% decrease in average salaries through $50, 303 to $47, 382 by this time.

Global healthcare spending as a share of GDP increases to 9. 9% although the US is expected to cost nearly 16. 2% of the GDP far outpacing all of that other world as health care expenses rise due to sweeping laws passed last year.

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Members of the London Socialist Historians Group, with our banner, on the 100,000-strong anti-war march in London on November 18th.

The LSHG issued this press release following the demonstration :

150 year history of official dissembling about protest numbers

The London Socialist Historians Group, sponsors of the socialist history seminar at the Institute of Historical Research in central London, have pointed out that there is an historical parallel for official underestimation of the numbers attending protests in the Capital stretching back 150 years.

At the Stop the War demonstration on 18th November, police estimated 15,000 had attended, while the organisers put the figure at 100,000. By an interesting coincidence 15,000 was also the number estimated as attending the Chartist protest at Kennington Common on Monday 10th April 1848 by the senior police officer in charge Richard Mayne. Chartist organisers argued that 100,000 plus had attended, and historians have tended to support this
estimate, by reference to photographs of the protest and other evidence.

London Socialist Historians Convenor Keith Flett said, Underestimating the numbers on demonstrations in order to downplay the significance of protests is one of the oldest tricks of authority in Britain. It is not the preserve of the paranoid or conspiracy theorists either. Historical investigation into the Chartist demonstration on April 10th 1848 shows that the process of the ‘official lie’ was first used then and is still current today

Planning meeting for next term

There will be a meeting on December 3rd to plan LSHG activities for the Lent term. For further details, and to suggest items for business, please contact the secretary.

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Welcome to the new web site of the London Socialist Historians Group! It’s pretty much like the prevous one, except that we have a new address: (upper case optional). Moving to our own domain will give us more opportunity to develop the web site in the future. But, for the moment, please remember to update your bookmarks and shortcuts.

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One-day conference: 11th May 2002

The next one-day conference to be organised by the London Socialist Historians Group will engage with the growing anti-capitalist movement. The call for papers is published on the conference page.

Autumn 2001 seminar programme.

Details of the Autumn 2001 programme have now been published on the seminar page.