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Three new orbiters, Chal­lenger, Discovery, and Atlantis are being built or are on order. The shuttle is com­pletely booked up through 1986, carrying up such things as communications satellites, military surveillance hardware, scientific laboratories, and a giant space telescope. Customers are waiting in the wings.


If shuttle flights do become routine, then we’ll start seeing a lot of people going up into space who never dreamed they would. I think we should get to work right away plan­ning a permanent habitable space station. The Russians are working on one.

Things that will pay for ten space stations

NASA is proposing one such structure, called the Space Operations Center (SOC). It would be assembled from modules taken up by the space shuttle and would be a space service station. One day pieces of large com­munications platforms could be constructed at the SOC. Space tugs could dock there and take those pieces on to the higher orbits they require. We might eventually want to use it as a base for building solar-power satellites that will beam the sun’s free energy down to earth in microwaves.


Much sooner than that, I think, such a station would prove worth building if only because it would force us to develop ad­vanced technology. Zero g will be a remark­able new laboratory for basic science. People already predict we’ll learn how to build purer glasses for lasers and telescopes and stronger metals in space. But there will also be a serendipity effect: We’ll discover things we never imagined. Things that will pay for ten space stations.


!HOPE to have a few more flights on the shuttle myself. Then I’d like to play a ma­jor role in putting that space station in or­bit, maybe by taking up some of the modules. Or maybe they’ll let me stay up there and run it for a while. We could build that structure in another decade; it’s not that complicated.


You know, right after the landing, John said it all: “We’re really not that far, the hu­man race isn’t, from going to the stars.”

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Members of the London Socialist Historians Group, with our banner, on the 100,000-strong anti-war march in London on November 18th.

The LSHG issued this press release following the demonstration :

150 year history of official dissembling about protest numbers

The London Socialist Historians Group, sponsors of the socialist history seminar at the Institute of Historical Research in central London, have pointed out that there is an historical parallel for official underestimation of the numbers attending protests in the Capital stretching back 150 years.

At the Stop the War demonstration on 18th November, police estimated 15,000 had attended, while the organisers put the figure at 100,000. By an interesting coincidence 15,000 was also the number estimated as attending the Chartist protest at Kennington Common on Monday 10th April 1848 by the senior police officer in charge Richard Mayne. Chartist organisers argued that 100,000 plus had attended, and historians have tended to support this
estimate, by reference to photographs of the protest and other evidence.

London Socialist Historians Convenor Keith Flett said, Underestimating the numbers on demonstrations in order to downplay the significance of protests is one of the oldest tricks of authority in Britain. It is not the preserve of the paranoid or conspiracy theorists either. Historical investigation into the Chartist demonstration on April 10th 1848 shows that the process of the ‘official lie’ was first used then and is still current today

Planning meeting for next term

There will be a meeting on December 3rd to plan LSHG activities for the Lent term. For further details, and to suggest items for business, please contact the secretary.

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