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The credit redemption is intended for all individuals who have previously contracted credits and who want to apply for lighter monthly payments and adapted to their capacity. The ability of any person to apply for the repurchase of credit, however, can not concern non-professional credits. Moreover, several conditions are attached to it.

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The first condition, a request for repurchase credit can be made by any person residing in France, regardless of its status attached to his home (tenant, owner …). A Frenchman who does not live in the country can not expect the admissibility of his application.

Second condition: the person must not be in debt or have a debt ratio below the 35% threshold. In other words, the solution is intended, on the one hand, for individuals who do not incur indebtedness but maybe over-indebted when they take out a new loan for the financing of any project. The latter can be private or professional. On the other hand, the demand is assigned to those who have a low debt ratio and want to reduce it by consolidating all credits previously contracted to have a more acceptable budget.

An application for the repurchase of credit is systematically inadmissible for applicants who do not have sufficient income to repay. Thus, the details of the resources must be specified in the request for information form.

For employees, there are fewer warranty requirements. The independent and the liberal professionals, they, are seen to apply to them more rigid special conditions.

Perform a simulation before requesting credit redemption

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Because repayment capacity and needs are not the same from one individual to another, intermediaries and credit redemption organizations present simulators. This system makes it possible to inform the borrower of the details of the offers at one or more specific service providers. This is the case of the one that exists in our site.

The information that must be provided to perform the simulation is the same as that entered in the credit redemption request. There will then be the civil status of the borrower, the amount, the monthly payments, the outstanding capital of the old credits and the value of the new loan to be contracted.

With a simulator, it is possible to know in advance the value of the future monthly payments of the group of loans, at a rate determined over various durations. Thus, the claimant will be able to estimate the total value of the transaction and the threshold of the rate above which to contract the additional loan will not be advantageous.

Once the form is completed, you will be contacted by a specialist who will compare with you the best offers to respond to your request for repurchase of credit.