Anne Hathaway defends Aziz Ansari after #MeToo


Star of ‘The Princess Diary’ and ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, Anne Hathaway, recently sat down with Interview Magazine and answered 20 questions from some of her best friends and colleagues.

The critically acclaimed and well-received actress answered many of her questions with grace and poise, adding comments to make sure she adores the person behind the queries – but one question stood out among all the others.

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Mindy Kaling, who starred in The Office and is currently producing her own Netflix series, Never Have I Ever, asked her friend which celebrity she still supports despite the backlash.

Anne Hathaway said she “still secretly loves” Aziz Ansari’s work.

“What problematic or canceled person art do you still secretly love? Kaling asked his dear friend Hathaway. “I’ll go first. I still love ‘Hannah and Her Sisters’ and watch it every year.

“Hannah and Her Sisters” is a 1986 film directed by Woody Allen, who also stars in it alongside his ex-girlfriend, Mia Farrow.

Allen had previously been accused of molesting one of their adopted daughters, Dylan Farrow, in 2013, but denied the allegations and said their sole purpose was to tarnish her reputation.

Hathaway pondered his response to the question and ultimately settled on an answer saying “Aziz Ansari. I think Master of None is one of my favorite modern romance series. Yeah.”

Actor and ‘Parks and Recreation’ comedian Aziz Ansari was charged in January 2018 with sexual misconduct after a woman who used the alias ‘Grace’ said she felt like she was forced to have sex with him on a date at his apartment. .

Ansari’s allegations have been the subject of debate and sparked much controversy among those who follow the “#MeToo” movement with passion in their hearts and justice in their minds.

It seemed no one could agree on the right answer – one half thought the allegations against Ansari trivialized the whole movement since there were other more serious abuse allegations, while the other half thought he was completely wrong.

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During his Netflix special, “Right Now,” which was released a year later in July 2019, he addressed the allegations and expressed deep regret that caused him to rethink “every date I go on. participated”.

“There were times when I was scared, there were times when I felt humiliated, there were times when I felt embarrassed, and finally I felt bad that this person felt like this. “, he said during the special, referring to how he felt the year after the allegations. were filed against him.

Kaling has also defended Ansari in the past after she was criticized for attending one of her comedy shows after her brief hiatus.

According to Vanity Fair, she wrote, “I’m a feminist and standing up for women is very important to me. I don’t rehabilitate him because I think he did a good job doing it himself” in an Instagram comment.

Hathaway also calls herself a feminist and has been an advocate for women’s rights in the past, but also reinforced her position in this interview, thanks to a question from Matthew McConaughey.

The Interstellar actor asked his former co-star, “What does feminism mean to you?”

“At this particular moment, it exists on many levels,” she explains. “It’s the definition of a human being who believes in equality for women, but I would add for all genders. And feminism as a movement is of course complicated, but should also evolve into the concept of non-provocative feminism.

In short, the concept that equality for people of all genders is not something that should be controversial.

That could apply to Ansari, who sought forgiveness and personal growth after making a mistake in the past, though he continues to be a controversial figure today.

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