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The dismal failure to heed government food czar Henry Dimbleby’s call to give free school meals to all children in Universal Credit homes is dividing the poor

Free school meals are vital for many children

Welcome to Dickensian Britain, where hundreds of thousands of children go hungry because the government doesn’t care to make sure they are properly fed.

If they were the children of Tory ministers and MPs, it’s a safe bet that Boris Johnson would do anything to fill his stomach.

But it’s the sons and daughters of low-paid adults who fall through the holes of the welfare state – so the establishment ignores their plight and finds excuses to leave them starving.

The dismal failure to heed government Food Czar Henry Dimbleby’s call to give free school meals to all children in Universal Credit households will divide the poor into the fed and the hungry.

As a result, the Tories’ long-dragged Food Strategy White Paper must be rewritten or the scars of this crushing poverty will mar many of our young people for the rest of their lives.

This scandal shows that not all children matter to the government – and it’s a damning condemnation from the Tories and a Prime Minister who is only interested in his own well-being.

Show you care

Caregivers are, too often, unsung heroes on minimal wages clearly worth £15 an hour.

The fact that so many people struggle to reach or approach the minimum wage of £9.50 explains why our country is short of over 100,000 employees.

And when so many dedicated, underpaid carers quit vital jobs because high fuel costs mean they don’t even pay a pittance, either we give them what they’re worth or the vulnerable will suffer.

Caregivers deserve a pay rise. Britain deserves a pay rise. The low-wage economy and the Conservatives’ declining standard of living are hurting us all.

ray of hope

Get out the sunscreen and your summer clothes, and get ready to enjoy the good weather along the way.

When air chaos encourages many of us to book super vacations instead, the sun will be most warmly welcomed.

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