State budget includes $1.3 million for new century water meters:


The new budget recently signed by Governor Ron DeSantis includes just over $1.3 million for new water meters for the City of Century.

The funds would replace approximately 825 water meters with remote-readable radio units.

The $1,301,892 will be used to replace all of their approximately 825 existing water meters from a manual reading system to a radio transmission system. The city will purchase new remotely read meters by radio, two mobile readers and a base station with a laptop computer. The fund will also be used for mobilization, grass and landscape replacement and other associated costs.

According to the city, water meters are failing and service connections are leaking. Replacing meters and repairing leaky fittings will improve water quality. Due to limited staff, the city has only been able to replace about 20 meters per year, according to its funding request.

The water meters not otherwise replaced at Century are 11 years old, purchased in 2010 and installed in 2011.

Commercial and residential meters will be replaced.

Pictured: Century Town Hall. Photo from, click to enlarge.


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