Supreme Court. decision: reality check for young women and their choices | The Jewish Press – | Denis Prager | 30 Sivan 5782 – June 29, 2022


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Thanks to the annulment of Roe v. Wade, young women are confronted with some basic truths about men and women that feminism has denied over the past half-century.

Like other leftist movements, feminism is based on a denial of reality (or, if you prefer, on lies). The best-known example is the feminist insistence that, except for physical differences, men and women are fundamentally the same. This includes the central feminist belief about the sexual nature of men and women. For half a century women have been told that their sexual nature is no different from the male sexual nature – just as men can enjoy non-committal sex and even anonymous sex, so can women. Women, feminism insisted, have been socialized to believe that such a sex does not correspond to their nature.

Who would have predicted that a Supreme Court decision would force young women to confront sexual reality?

But it appears the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade did just that.

For example, some women have called for a sex strike against men. According to the New York Post, “Calls for a nationwide sex strike also gained momentum on social media, and at one point ‘abstinence’ was trending on Twitter with more of 26,900 tweets on Saturday afternoon.”

A few tweets:

“Women of America: Commit. Because SCOTUS overturned Roe v. Wade, we cannot risk an unwanted pregnancy, therefore, we will not have sex with any man – including our husbands – unless we’re trying to get pregnant.

“Perhaps a #sexstrike (also known as #abstinence) would help men get fully involved in this issue of #womensrights.”

Similarly, some young women called for an end to dating (casual sex encounters). Some young women believe that banning abortion in some states will lead to the end of hookup culture.

After the leak of the Supreme Court decision, TikToker Bridget Gwyn wrote in a text superimposed on a video she made: “What woman would have poor sex with a drunk Rando if he could potentially father their child? ” At the time (May 2022), the video had garnered some 325,000 views.

“I am entering my era of celibacy,” posted @rebecky69420.

“Removing all dating apps as we speak,” @ghbsthbh commented.

“I already said my sneaky bond, no more pregnancy scare cause,” @confusedlobsters wrote.

The obvious implication of all of this is that men want sex – with or without commitment – ​​more than women.

Which is of course true. Feminism has lied to young women for over 50 years.

Have any men ever called a sex strike — even on college campuses, where a hookup gone bad can result in a sexual assault allegation and punishment without due process? The idea is absurd.

The only men in America who call themselves and other men out of hookup culture (which is the dream environment of male nature) are Jews and religious Christians – the men most likely to to be pro-life.

Despite all of this, I’m sure most women who call or sympathize with calls for a sex strike and an end to hookup culture won’t put two and two together.

Ask these women if men and women have different sexual natures – that is, have intrinsic differences when it comes to their sexual drives – and most will deny that this is the case. In fact, the more college they are, the more likely they are to deny intrinsic sex differences.

The whole question is saturated with irony. When it comes to men and women, most of what feminism has fought for has harmed women and benefited men.

The brainwashing of women into believing that their sexual nature is no different from that of men has only benefited men.

Hookup culture has only benefited men.

And men have benefited from the fact that abortion has become a form of birth control. Abortion on demand meant that men impregnating women they were not married to had no consequences. Abortion meant that men did not have to marry the woman they impregnated. Abortion meant that men did not have to raise the child they had conceived. And abortion meant men didn’t have to pay child support.

It turns out that abortion is a lot of men’s best friend.


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