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When the 16-year-old entered the mobile home on Michael Avenue just outside Hughesville, she saw what she later described to state police as “several items” from water bottle bongs, according to an affidavit. She had been brought to the property by Tyler Carpenter and his girlfriend, Jessica Wagner, according to court records.

the girl “began to feel numb, dizzy and her stomach hurt” like Carpenter, 28, and Wagner, 29, “continually puffed on a vape,” the affidavit stated. There were others in the mobile home, but police did not say how many. The miner received something and said to “Smoke it until it’s gone.” She did and became so ill that she had to go to the emergency room, police said.

Carpenter and Wagner, both of 922 Green Valley Road, Hughesville, have now been charged with endangering the welfare of children, corrupting the morals of a minor and possession of marijuana following the incident happened a year ago last week. Heather Young, 42, of 41 Michael Ave., Hughesville, (who was also in the mobile home) was also charged with her alleged involvement. She was charged with indecent assault of a minor and possession of marijuana.

The girl’s heartbreaking ordeal in the trailer included at least two fainting spells, police were told. The teenager said “she felt weird and couldn’t hold her head up; everything seemed “fast”. She felt dizzy and everyone seemed strange. She started crying trying to get up and move, but she kept falling to the floor,” the affidavit stated. “She asked for her mother, but no one helped her,” the police have been notified.

“As she continued to fall, people in the room picked her up and dropped her to the floor,” reported the girl. “Wagner kept yelling at her to ‘stop pretending,’ and Wagner and Carpenter slapped her,” the affidavit stated.

The girl fainted again, and when she woke up, “Everyone was laughing at her. She managed to get out of bed and ended up vomiting near a door. police said, adding that the girl “Struggling to walk, she ended up crawling into a bathroom and continued to vomit.”

Some time later, Carpenter and Wagner took the minor to Montoursville to find her mother. “Wagner told her to tell her parents she ate too much Chinese food to explain why she was sick. However, Carpenter admitted to the mother that he, Wagner and Young raised the girl. the police have been notified.

Carpenter, Wagner and Young received subpoenas to appear before a district judge.

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