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Dhangadi, October 16: The district committee of the ruling CPN (Unified Socialist) has broken the alliance in Dadeldhura, the constituency of Nepali Prime Minister and Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba.

District leadership and workers of the CPN (Unified Socialist) party became disgruntled after the party failed to win a seat in Dadeldhura, which has only one constituency. The intellectual leader, Dr. Tara Joshi, left the party to stand as an independent candidate for the provincial assembly.

The CPN (Unified Socialist) Dadeldhura has aligned itself with the Nepalese Congress (BP). On Saturday, the two parties held a press conference and announced that they would jointly go to the November 20 elections. In Dadeldhura, the Nepalese Congress (BP) has nominated Karna Bahadur Malla as a candidate for the House of Representatives (HoR) election. .

The independent candidate Joshi, who left the party, was supported by the CPN (unified socialist) party Dadeldhura. The Chairman of the United Socialist District, Kabindra Bista, has said that there is a 6-point electoral agreement between the CPN (United Socialist) Dadeldhura and the Nepalese Congress (BP).

BP Congress will assist Dr. Joshi in the Provincial Assembly election. After the alignment of the Nepalese Congress BP with the CPN (Unified Socialist), the CPN-UML declared that it would break the alignment with the Congress BP. The UML issued a press release on Friday saying it had severed the electoral alliance with the Nepalese Congress BP.

Among the candidates for HoR membership, the Nepalese BP Congress had agreed to support Karna Bahadur Malla, the UML candidate for the provincial assembly. Even though the United Socialist Dadeldhura decided to support Malla, who is running against Deuba, the candidate of the ruling coalition party, the provincial committee and the party center did not support him.

Provincial committee secretary Dinesh Subedi said Dadeldhura chairman Bista was not even an ordinary member coordinating with the Nepali Congress BP against the party’s decision.


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