Uttar Pradesh government speeds up budget preparation


The government of Uttar Pradesh has stepped up preparations for presenting the annual state budget for 2023-2024 to the state legislature early next year.

The government of Uttar Pradesh has asked different departments to provide by November 30, 2022, the content to be included in the budget speech of Finance Minister Suresh Khanna.

Preparing the state budget could prove a crucial exercise ahead of the Lok Sabha elections scheduled for early 2024.

The government had previously asked ministries to consider saving measures when sending their budget proposals (before November 30, 2022).

“The budget speech should mention the commitment of the state government, its priorities, the outline of the development agenda and the public welfare programs as well as the programs to complement them and the details of the new programs. The contents, on a page or two, of all the sections of the different departments must be sent with the approval of the respective Additional Chief Secretary, Principal Secretary and Secretary,” said Additional Chief Secretary (Finance) Prashant Trivedi in a letter dated November 17 sent to everyone. the departments.

Trivedi further stated, “Departments are often expected to send additional information at the last minute when the budget is being finalized. So, please appoint a focal point of at least the rank of Special Secretary in your department for this purpose….. The content signed by you for the budget speech should be forwarded (in triplicate) to the finance department before the November 30.

The state government will have to strike a balance between populist announcements for the Lok Sabha elections and economy measures. He will have nearly a year to implement any announcements that may be made by the Minister of Finance. Broad guidelines have been sent to the ministries asking them for the likely content.

A consultant has submitted a draft roadmap to make the state a trillion-dollar economy in five years. The state government may need to incorporate some of the points in the final roadmap to be developed in the coming weeks to reach the trillion dollar goal.

The state government is also stepping up preparations for the presentation of the first supplementary budget for 2022-23 to the state legislature during its winter session beginning December 5, 2022. The state government is proposing to Seek approval from the state legislature to provide supplementary funding for certain ongoing programs. He can also seek approval to obtain funds for the proposed Global Investors Summit-2023 to be held in Lucknow from February 10-12, 2023.


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