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ALGIERS AND MARQUETTE COUNTIES, Mich. (WJMN) – The Women’s Center that serves Algiers and Marquette is hosting one of its biggest fundraisers on Monday, June 6. With a new name this year, it’s called “The Nifty 250”.

“It used to be called 100 Good Men,” said Andrea Numikoski, director of development, Women’s Center. “And then it was 200 Good Men.”

The Nifty 250 campaign encourages supporters of the Women’s Center to donate $250 to the cause, with a goal of 250 people participating.

“That’s what it takes to house a family at Harbor House,” Numikoski said. “$250 a week.”

“So we provide multiple different services to survivors of sexual and domestic violence,” said Hannah Holma, program director, Women’s Center. “So that can mean advocating for housing, employment, courts, justice, etc., as well as therapy services. And then we also have a shelter for people fleeing domestic or sexual violence. It’s a 90-day refuge where they can come and live while they try to be independent of the person who’s abusing them.

Services are inclusive for all.

“Our title does not necessarily cover all humans we serve, but anyone who has experienced domestic or sexual abuse, regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc.,” Holma said. “We accept all survivors. Statistically speaking, one in three women and I think one in six men have experienced domestic or sexual violence in their lifetime. The numbers for non-binary, transgender, and LGBTQ people, those numbers are much, much higher but underreported. All numbers are under-reported, but what we want people to know is that we’re here. I know this phone call may be very scary. Going through the door is very scary, but we have people here who are here to support you in whatever you need.

The Women’s Center is hosting “The Nifty 250” Campaign Kickoff on Wednesday, June 8 from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Drifa Brewing Company. Ramble Tamble will be on stage. There will also be door prizes, including two tickets to any Disney theme park.

“We have such a supportive community,” Numikoski said. “I’m looking forward to talking with people in our services and getting our staff to talk with the community as well and there are services that I think the community isn’t aware of. And to bring that take of conscience, this is going to be very important.

To learn more about the Women’s Center or to make a donation, click here. You can also donate to the campaign by sending a check to the Women’s Center at 1310 South Front St., Marquette, MI, 49855.


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