Budget surplus could help fully fund Michigan state parks


The Nature Conservancy of Michigan is asking the Legislature to invest $500 million in our state’s parks and outdoor spaces.

According to the latest report, more than half of American adults and children participated in outdoor activities last year. The number of people trying an outdoor activity for the first time has also increased by 25% since 2020.

“It’s great to see more Americans, including Michigan residents, getting out and enjoying all that the outdoors has to offer,” said Rich Bowman, director of policy for The Nature Conservancy in Michigan.

The Nature Conservancy says an investment of $500 million from the state’s current budget surplus could result in a $50 million to $80 million tax cut for Michigan residents.

This investment would be in addition to the $250 million investment adopted this spring.

The Nature Conservancy says fully funding the State Park Endowment Fund would also free up more funds for the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund, which supports outdoor projects.

“Michigan’s natural areas are part of the fabric of our state, and we should take every opportunity we have to invest in our most valuable natural resources so they can be enjoyed by future generations of Michiganders,” Bowman says. .


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