Governor Stitt vaguely throws the word “socialism”


Oklahoma was among the first states to implement universal pre-K programs for 4-year-olds offered by public schools. Only eight states fund pre-K for all children. Ginnie Graham and Bob Doucette talk about the positive impacts of this program and more.

Just finished listening to Governor Kevin Stitt’s interview explaining why he joined other governors in signing a letter to President Joe Biden protesting his forgiveness of some student loans.

He said such things were unfair, that it had never been done in the United States before, and that it was socialism. Our governor seems to be ignorant of the history of the United States

Right after WWII, the GI bill offered free tuition, mortgage help, and more. to all soldiers. Thanks to this bill, our country has taken a leap forward in all areas, because we suddenly had an educated workforce.

I have never heard of this bill being called socialism. Part of this bill is still in effect. If that’s all the governor says, we need to ask everyone and their descendants who also benefited to return that money.

How can the governor constantly ask the federal government for money to fix our bridges, plug old oil wells, etc. and not support the education of our young people?

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