Socialist MEP offers to meet Navracsics on EU funding


Socialist MEP Istvan Ujhelyi said on Saturday he was proposing a meeting with Tibor Navracsics, the regional development minister, to discuss EU funding.

In a press conference broadcast on Facebook, Ujhelyi said he would bring to Navracsics the EU country-specific recommendations for the last three years in which all criticisms of the European Commission can be found in detail.

He added that some documents reveal that “the wrongs of the Orbán cabinet” are the reason why EU funding due to Hungary has been “frozen”.

Ujhelyi noted that Hungary’s Recovery and Resilience Facility plan is the only one that has not been endorsed by the EC. Neither the way the plan was drafted nor its content are acceptable from the perspective of common EU values ​​and interests, he said.

If the government does not produce a new plan by the end of the year, Ujhelyi warned that Hungary would “certainly” lose 70% of its funding. He added that the government should have sought input from opposition parties when developing the plan.


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